Third Monday

As I stood there looking out the 6th floor window of Ochsner’s Intensive Care Unit this morning, it struck me that this was the third Monday in a row I’d done so.  It’s a long story, and an off-topic one for this particular blog, but when Matt recently sent me an email entitled “Account for Yourself” I thought a brief explanation for my absence was in order.  As much as I would like to say that I had made an impulsive decision to spend a couple of weeks secretly training and eating tainted meat Continue reading “Third Monday”

The Ride Before Christmas

It was crisp, cool and clear as I rode out, quite overdressed, to meet the Friday morning levee ride.  Ordinarily I would have been expecting a nice easy ride by myself, but this particular Friday was the day before Christmas and since a lot of people were on holiday, the plan was to meet at the relatively civilized hour of 7 am.  Of course, being a creature of habit, I arrived at 6:40 anyway, so I rode down to the playground where I met up with a few more riders, and then we rode back to the us Continue reading “The Ride Before Christmas”

No Draft for the Wheelsuckers

After a couple of warmish days, this morning’s 40-something temperature felt positively cold as I rolled out in the dark to meet the 6:15 levee ride.  It wouldn’t have been so bad were it not for the strong north wind that had brought in the cooler air.  There were just a few riders waiting when I arrived, but by the time we got to the playground the group numbered somewhere around twenty. I’d started out at the front and soon found myself alone as the group slowed down here and there to pick up Continue reading “No Draft for the Wheelsuckers”

Winter Group Rides

It was still dark as I stood there over my duffel bag considering what to bring for a long ride starting in the low 40s.  I finally just threw my hands up and said, “hell with it, I’ll just bring everything and decide later.”  “Later” would not come for over two hours because Saturday’s group ride called for a drive up to St. Francisville to sample a little bit of the infamous Rouge-Roubaix course.  The first stop, though, was PJ’s Coffee at Clearview Shopping Center where I was surprised at the Continue reading “Winter Group Rides”

“Rest Day” (yeah, right)

As they always say, “If you don’t like the weather in New Orleans, just stick around. It’ll change.”  Change it did indeed.  Thursday morning the temperature was back above 60.  Since I seem to have a hard time adjusting to these fluctuations, and knowing that all that water coming down the Mississippi was still just as cold as it had been on Tuesday, I pulled on the knee-warmers anyway.  Why risk a winter bout of tendonitis just for one freak ride in shorts?  The Thursday ride had a pretty goo Continue reading ““Rest Day” (yeah, right)”

Worth a Try

It was some time early Monday when the local weatherpersons started sounding the alarms.  Warnings were issued, shelters were opened, the city braced for imminent disaster.  Yes, the temperature was going to dip below 32° F.  The prediction for the city went as low as 27, but I had my doubts about that. With all of the water around us here in New Orleans, and its attendant specific heat, along with the abundance of asphalt and concrete in the immediate vicinity of my own house, we rarely hit th Continue reading “Worth a Try”

Warmup and Winter Winds

A nice little warm-up in the weather on Friday found me up on the levee looking for a little down-time.  The levee police must have been thinking the same thing, because they had the bike path closed underneath the Huey P. Long bridge.  I turned around and rode back down the river for a little spin around Audubon Park and an early return to the house. By Saturday morning it was a little cooler, but the more serious stuff was still eight hours away as I made my way out to meet the Giro Ride at Ko Continue reading “Warmup and Winter Winds”