Northern Cold, Southern Chill

When I went outside to start up the car Saturday morning, I was surprised. For one, I was surprised to see a number like -14o F on the car thermometer. For another, I was surprised that cars actually start in those kinds of temperatures. Over the prior couple of days in IC, I’d already learned that car heaters take at least fifteen minutes to actually start generating heat when the thermometer is near zero, so I let it run while we loaded up for the fifteen ho Continue reading “Northern Cold, Southern Chill”

Winter Wonderland My Ass

Man, if I’m going to be this cold there should at least be some spectacular scenery involved. At least the snow has stopped, so the main roads are pretty clear. The smaller neighborhood roads, however, are paved in ice. Today we drove out to the local Tanger Outlet Mall where we ran from store to store with the 17-degree north wind stinging our faces. Yes, more shopping. Between the shopping, car repairs, and restaurant meals, this is turning out to be a very expensive little vis Continue reading “Winter Wonderland My Ass”