Woke up this morning …..

When I woke up this morning I knew something wasn’t right. The dull headache I’d had the evening before was still there and I had a hard time convincing myself to get out of bed. Somehow, however, I got myself out the door and onto the bike, but I knew immediately there was a problem. I think my crucial mistake was that I failed to overdress. I rode four or five blocks, felt chilled, and turned around. When I got back home I climbed back into bed still wearing my shorts, tights and jersey, and d Continue reading “Woke up this morning …..”

Long Task List

I slept late on Monday, quite confident that my legs had earned their day off after a good solid weekend. Although I’d cleaned off the bike and lubed the chain after Sunday’s ride, I had, in typical fashion, neglected to to through my bag to sort out the weekend’s collection of arm-warmers, sweaty jerseys, nasty gloves, etc. So when I got ready to ride this morning I had to spend some time rummaging through all of that to pull out what I needed. The lights had to be put back onto the bike, the Continue reading “Long Task List”

A Hard Ride and the Unbelievable

Well, the unbelievable has just happened. The Saints won the NFC Championship. In overtime. Forty-three years after they first took the field at Tulane stadium. I’m sitting here at home, a few miles from the stadium, and I can hear fireworks and car horns and people screaming in the street. If my legs weren’t so sore from this morning’s ride, I might have actually jumped up and down. When I woke up this morning at 5:45 I could hear the rain falling on the street outside the window. The forecast Continue reading “A Hard Ride and the Unbelievable”

Unchained Giro

I had a feeling it would be a fast one. The warmer weather and approaching racing season had been stirring the pot for a few days now, and it was almost inevitable that it would all come together on the weekend’s local group ride. The group was already big when I merged into it on Lakeshore Drive, and by the time we started up the Seabrook bridge I guess it numbered about 50. Some new levee and road work had required the Giro to take a little detour on its way to the bridge, one that will proba Continue reading “Unchained Giro”

Fog Season

It’s a wonderful thing when you can step out the door on a January morning to find the temperature in the 60s. Unfortunately, that sort of wonderfulness often comes with fog, especially along the river where all that frigid northern water is rushing down toward the Gulf of Mexico. I guess some would think me crazy to have gone out today wearing knee and arm-warmers, but I’ve been lured into wearing summer clothes in January before and it doesn’t always turn out very well. I was feeling rather t Continue reading “Fog Season”


The streets were dark and just a bit foggy this morning as I worked my way through the battered streets of Carrollton. In addition to the normal assortment of potholes and water leaks, the neighborhood has lately been dealing with a flurry of road work. Indeed, the rest of the city is not immune from this development. A convergence of the “submerged streets program,” the federal Stimulus Package, and the upcoming elections has resulted in a real heyday for the road and levee construction industr Continue reading “Obstacles”

A Very Long Way Back

I knew the minute I got on the bike Sunday that I was overdressed, and by the time I was halfway to Lakeshore Drive the vest was already stuffed in my jersey pocket. It was looking like it would be a pretty nice day except for one little thing. There was a wind blowing strongly out of the northwest and as the Giro group came together along the lakefront I remarked to someone that everybody was going to feel like Superman on the way out. For some reason, the gr Continue reading “A Very Long Way Back”