Crazy is as Crazy Does

Yes, I went ahead and signed up for Rouge-Roubaix again, this time without adequate fitness and with very, very mixed feelings about a $79 entry fee for a one-day race with no cash prizelist. Somehow the masters got left out of the prizelist altogether this year, which probably explains the huge Cat. 1/2/3 field. It’s also the first year that the masters aren’t racing with the 1/2/3s. The but prizelist for Cat. 1/2s and the Cat. 3s has drawn a lot of horsepow Continue reading “Crazy is as Crazy Does”

Shoulder to the Wind

I knew it would be bad. It had stormed Monday evening so heavily that I had to call for extraction from work. One of the entrances to the parking lot had been so flooded that we didn’t dare drive through it in the Volvo and instead took the longer way home. Later that night the weather forecasters were talking mainly about the wind, and indeed it was strong enough to knock out power here and there around the metro area. Our crazy dog seemed kind of restless and even uncharacteristically wander Continue reading “Shoulder to the Wind”

Winter Camp Weekend

Driving up to Percy Quinn in a rainstorm wasn’t exactly how I’d wanted to start our annual training camp weekend. I had packed pretty much everything I owned, just in case we were going to be riding in a cold rain. In fact, I was kind of expecting that we’d be riding in a cold rain at some point. By the time we arrived, though, the rain was already much lighter. Even better, the cabins we had this year was much nicer — cable TV, functional heat, and even a fireplace. Still, went I hit the sack Continue reading “Winter Camp Weekend”

Balance and Moderation

It’s been a rough week and it ain’t over yet. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, but at least I did manage to get on the bike a few times. On top of the lingering chest cold, there’s also the general cold and clammy weather, the new dog, various bike club and sponsorship duties, race results to be posted and scored for LCCS (maybe next week!), the club training camp this weekend, and of course, work. It has been an exercise in balance. Cycling-wise, the week has been all about moderation Continue reading “Balance and Moderation”

Chasing the Coyote

It was time to get back on the bike. The thick congestion still lingered deep in my chest and I had awakened in a t-shirt damp with sweat, but I needed a ride anyway. I threw on an extra layer and stepped out into the cold wind thinking, “I might be crazy.” Well, I guess that’s not really news and it’s rarely stopped me before, so I headed off for the early levee ride. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through these litt Continue reading “Chasing the Coyote”

Lost Weekend, Lingering Lassitude

This boy is not a happy camper. Although the worst of the fever and chills are over, it is clear that even today I’m still not quite well. I had really hoped — even expected — to be back on the bike this morning, but when I woke up and looked out the window I could barely see across the street because of the dense fog. On top of that, I must be still running the same low-grade fever that kept me miserable all day Sunday. I Continue reading “Lost Weekend, Lingering Lassitude”

On the Couch

In retrospect, it all started some time Wednesday afternoon. At first I attributed it to the leftover Popeye’s fried chicken I’d had for both breakfast and lunch. The nagging discomfort down in my chest was still there Thursday morning when I went out to meet the morning long ride on the levee, and I was hoping that the ride might finally clear it out. Halfway through the ride, though, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Something was wrong, and this time I coul Continue reading “On the Couch”