Warm, Wet and Wheelspray

Finally a few warm days in a row! After Thursday’s hard ride I headed out Friday morning at the relatively late hour of 7 am to meet the Good Friday levee ride, fully expecting a nice conversational pace. Yeah, well that didn’t last very long. A bit of tailwind, a big group, and warmer weather made a fast pace almost inevitable. This time, though, when someone attacked I hesitated. Bit of a mistake there. It probably would have been easier to have gone with it, though, because I soon found myse Continue reading “Warm, Wet and Wheelspray”

Did That Seem Fast?

I was primed for a good workout. I can’t really explain why. Somehow, though, as I rode down the dark streets of Carrollton, I had a feeling it was going to be a fast one. I wonder what combination of cues my brain was reading, but apparently I was not alone. We started out with a good number of riders that included Brett, Tim, Woody, Brady, Erich, Max, Jon, etc. You get the picture. The handwriting was on the wall. By the time we hit the playground we were Continue reading “Did That Seem Fast?”


Monday morning’s ride was just an easy spin up on the levee. There was still just a bit of the weekend lingering in the legs and I figured a recovery ride was the best option. It was lonely and slow but by the end my legs were feeling fine. So you would have thought that this morning they’d be all recovered and ready for action, right? Yeah, me too. When we started out this morning I felt perfectly normal. I was nice and warm with full tights, arm-warmers, v Continue reading “Powerless”

Long Rides in the Country

Unable to make the Tour de Tuscaloosa, I instead consoled myself with a couple of long rides in the country this weekend. Saturday we had an NOBC club ride on the calendar for the northshore. These rides are actually a lot of fun because they attract a nice mix of riders. The plan is to end up with two groups about mid-way through the ride so that nobody ends up getting dropped, lost, and calling me for directions from Bogalusa. I loaded up my backpack with a Continue reading “Long Rides in the Country”

Almost Doored

How did it get to be Friday already? It’s been kind of a busy week, and if time flies when you’re having fun, it must fly even faster when you’ve got a few too many pots on the fire at once. To make matters worse, it was mostly a bad week for me riding-wise. Between the weather and various early morning obligations, I missed two days entirely, both of which were ‘long’ days. I was feeling so desperate for a ride that I got dressed early Thursday hoping that the line of showers on the radar would Continue reading “Almost Doored”

Expecting the Worst

The temperature was in the low 40s, the wind was in the mid-20s, I was still shivering uncontrollably from being out in it for two and a half hours and I’d left my knee-warmers at home. With two layers stuffed under my skinsuit and no warmup, I rolled to the start line looking for Jorge who was my teammate for the NOBC 2-Person Time Trial. He was still fussing with wheels (deep dish rims were looking kind of risky with the wind) and clothes but made it to the line with ten seconds to spare. I w Continue reading “Expecting the Worst”

End of the Week

It was chilly Thursday morning and I pulled on the long tights before heading out in the dark to meet the early ride on the levee. At least I wasn’t late this time. I guess we had about a dozen up there. Sometimes when it’s dark like this we’re ten miles down the road before I know who all is actually there. I think I finally turned off the headlight somewhere out past the airport. Brett was with us today, riding PowerCranks again. I don’t know how he does it. On the way home I asked him about i Continue reading “End of the Week”