Ouch, Ouch

The last couple of days have been rather painful, in more ways than one. Wednesday morning, of course, was the usual training ride up on the levee. I wasn’t feeling too sharp, but since the Wednesday ride is usually pretty smooth I wasn’t too worried. It turned out to be a pretty hard ride, however, and I got back home feeling kind of drained. It was a feeling that would stick with me for the next day or so. The night before, the neighbor had asked me to assem Continue reading “Ouch, Ouch”

Long Lines

The air still felt nice at 6 am today. I rode out to the levee to find a big group for the Tuesday morning ride, and even though a couple of the fast guys were missing, there were still more than enough to keep things interesting. I was feeling kind of sluggish this morning, so I guess it was good that the occasional crosswind was forcing me to pay attention. For some reason the pace was none too stable today – surging one minute and coasting the next. More than once I found myself closing big Continue reading “Long Lines”

In Town

It seemed a little strange to actually be in town for the second weekend in a row during May, but here I am. By Friday afternoon I’d already made a bunch (far, far too many, in fact) of copies of Tour de LA flyers, LAMBRA brochures, and NOBC one-pagers, and I was thinking I was all set for Saturday’s Tour de Lis. Thanks to Mignon’s relentless networking we were scheduled to have a table there with information on bike racing. We’d also arranged to have a popup shelter and table for the Tulane Cy Continue reading “In Town”

Nearly Summer

It seems as if the sun comes up earlier each morning lately, and while there’s still a hint of coolness to the pre-dawn air, it doesn’t linger for long. Best of all, though, is the welcome simplicity of going out in shorts and jersey without even checking the thermometer. It’s nearly summer now, for all practical purposes, and from now until some time near the end of August it will just get warmer and warmer. Another thing that happens this time of year is that the number of people on the group Continue reading “Nearly Summer”

Exam Season

I figured I could get in about an hour and a half Sunday morning. I was scheduled to conduct a LAMBRA Officials’ Clinic at 10 am, and with rain in the forecast my options were definitely limited. So I headed over to the Harrison Avenue Starbucks to meet the local caffeinated wheelmen, have a quick cup of iced coffee, and roll over to Robt. E. Lee to meet the Giro Ride. Doing the whole ride was pretty much out of the question for me, so I was planning on turning back after crossing the Seabrook b Continue reading “Exam Season”

You Never Know

You never know what the Giro Ride will serve up each weekend. All metro group training rides are like that, I guess. There’s the weather, of course, but then there’s also the rider mix, the traffic, the time of the year, what races are coming up, and how much coffee the riders have just consumed. Today, for example, was an interesting mix. When I stepped out the door promptly at 6:10 am this morning, it was like stepping right into a sauna. Not a regular sauna. A sauna with a 25 mph wind. This w Continue reading “You Never Know”

Sucking Wheels

From the start, I knew I’d be sucking wheels today. I mean, it’s been kind of a long week so far and when I got up this morning I was already dragging. First, there had been a really windy and fast training ride on Tuesday morning. The next morning our traditionally smooth paceline Wednesday ride had turned out to be quite a bit faster than usual. I rushed home in time for an early conference call, rushed over to Starbucks to fill up my cup with dark roast, rushed to the office, and then just k Continue reading “Sucking Wheels”