Lemons and Raindrops

I had grand plans for last night. There were two gallons of paint waiting at home with my name on them and I figured I could knock out a good portion of the bathroom repainting project after work. I had already hastily painted around where the light fixture was so that I could re-install it when I got home and thus see what I was doing. Ahhh, the “best laid schemes o’ mice and men …..” Well this one went awry the moment I got home and was reminded that our neighbors across the street, who jus Continue reading “Lemons and Raindrops”


Everything hurts, but surprisingly it’s not from the two Giro Rides I did this weekend. It’s from scraping paint and sanding and painting. I hate painting, especially when it involves twisting myself into unnatural positions while balanced atop a shaky ladder in a cramped bathroom. Fortunately, scraping and painting weren’t the only things I did this weekend. Saturday morning I got out to the Harrison Ave. Starbucks nice an early prior to the Giro Ride. I was looking forward to a good fast tr Continue reading “Rollover”

Hot and Humid on the Oil Coast

It’s been a busy week thus far and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon down here in the oily part of the Louisiana. My riding has been hot, humid — routine stuff for mid-June. Every day this week I’ve arrived back home after riding with sweat-coated sunglasses, a sticky wet jersey, and a craving for cold fluids. The BP oil spill, or oil leak, or simply oil disaster, has really been taking center stage lately. Nothing about this is good. Although there aren’t any immediate direct Continue reading “Hot and Humid on the Oil Coast”


I’m sitting here at my desk surrounded by the debris of another Tour de Louisiane. There’s a thick stack of entry forms from which I still need to pull the one-day licenses to include with the post-event reports that are in a folder somewhere in my bag. The tape recorder that I use for finish judging is here too. I just went over my recording of the masters race finish looking for a rider who we DNF’d but who actually finished with the lead group. A bit stack of handwritten scoring sheets are wi Continue reading “Dénouement”


So I think things are about as ready as they will get for this weekend’s Tour de Louisiane stage race. Of course, I’m never really sure about that. There’s always that nagging feeling that I’ve totally forgotten about something that absolutely needed to be done. The race numbers are sorted, the old race scribblings have been removed from twenty or so clipboards and fresh paper has been inserted, pre-registered riders’ releas Continue reading “Blueshirts”

The Tour

The humidity this morning was positively off the charts, but then again, it’s sum, sum, summertime in New Orleans so whatcha gonna do? This morning I was trying out a new handlebar. I’ve been using the 40 cm TTT Ergonova (no, not the expensive carbon one) for close to a year now and never could quite get used to the extremely short reach. Otherwise, I liked the shallow drop and even the unusual shape where the drops flared out just a little bit so that when yo Continue reading “The Tour”

Head Writing Checks Legs Can’t Cash

So despite my disappointing race on Saturday, I went ahead and signed up for the Cat. 1/2 road race on Sunday. After all, I’d driven all the way up to Natchez, so I may as well take advantage of the nice road course for another 72.8 miles, or as I prefer to think of it, 14 more times up those two damned hills that had kicked my butt on Saturday. Thankfully, the race started in the morning, so it wasn’t nearly as hot as it would be later for the Cat. 4s and Women. My usual MO for these situations Continue reading “Head Writing Checks Legs Can’t Cash”