Teasing Us

Tuesday morning came up fast. Faster than the sun, it seemed. A bit before 6 am I opened the basement door and looked up at the eastern sky. It seemed a whole lot darker than it had just a week earlier, so I rummaged around and found my little headlight, fumbled for a while trying to get it clamped to the handlebar (for reasons I wouldn’t discover until this morning), and headed off, safely enclosed within a bubble of flashing light-emitting diodes, for the levee Continue reading “Teasing Us”

Just Across the Border

The 5 pm start time of the Masters criterium of the Meridian-Cuba Challenge Omnium up in Meridian was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, Dave and I didn’t need to leave until the luxurious hour of 11 am. On the other hand, it was going to be pretty warm up there in the middle of Mississippi. I’d ridden the Meridian criterium course a few times before. It has a nice mix of features — some nice tight corners, some rough road surfaces, a nice little climb, and a fast downhill turn leading into th Continue reading “Just Across the Border”


Thursday morning I went out as usual to the levee for the long Thursday ride. There was a pretty big group and I was expecting to get a little exercise during the 40-something mile ride. When I spotted Woody turning around to join us on his TT bike, all I could say was, “Oh, oh.” Somehow, a few miles down the road, I found myself on Woody’s wheel. In fact, Woody’s rear wheel is pretty much all I remember about the entire ride. Of course, it’s not surprising th Continue reading “Woody”

The Rest of the Story

The rest of the story from Ruston: So Sunday’s road race up in Ruston was on a short 5-mile loop that I remembered from some races a long time ago. What I remembered most was the final kilometer-long stair-step climb up to the finish line and the full minute I lost once when I blew up one year at the start of the sprint. The back side of the course featured a couple of significant climbs and one nice descent before the final turn leading up to the big climb. The route is so far out in the middl Continue reading “The Rest of the Story”


Sweat was already dripping from my face as I pinned my number on for the noon start of the Mount Driskill race up here in Ruston, LA. I’d driven up with Mignon, leaving around 5:30 am and arriving shortly before 11. This was going to be a tough 50 miles. As if the jagged course profile wasn’t enough, we would also be dealing with temperatures in the upper 90s. The masters field was small, about a dozen in size, so there wasn’t going to be any place to hide. We Continue reading “drisKILL”


What was left of Tropical Depression #5 came barrelling right through New Orleans early this morning, bringing some truly impressive thunder, lightning and torrential rain. I guess it was before 5 am when the really heavy rain started, and by the time it finally let up there was a fair amount of street flooding in the usual places. Feeling kind of desperate for a ride, considering I’d missed both Monday and Wednesday, I decided to take the rain bike out for a quick 20 miles before work. I left Continue reading “TD-5”

Rain Day

When it rains, it pours. As I’d planned, I skipped riding Monday morning on the dubious theory that my legs needed a day off the bike. Midway though my morning shower, however, I started to notice a lot of police and ambulance sirens. When I looked outside I could see there had been a fairly serious accident a block away, at Claiborne and Broadway – air bags deployed, smashed minivan, ambulance. Even so, there seemed to be a lot more police cars than usual. I threw on some clothes and walked ou Continue reading “Rain Day”