Brain Dead

It was nearly 11 pm by the time I got back home from watching “Chasing Legends” again with the TUCA riders over at Jordan’s place, and by the time I finally hit the sack it was around midnight. That made it kind of hard to get up for the early morning Saturday Giro, but somehow I made it out to Starbucks in plenty of time. The Giro start location seems to be in flux again with a number of riders meeting back at the Lakeshore Drive start across from Kona Cafe’ Continue reading “Brain Dead”

Collateral Damage

It seems that last Sunday’s six hours in the rain resulted in a little more collateral damage than I’d expected. I mean, I expected the water seeping into the seat tube and running down to the bottom bracket, and I expected the dried out chain, and I even kind of expected that I’d already waited so long to change the chain that my regular training wheel’s cassette would be worn out. So the other night I set about installing a new chain and putting the bottom bracket back together. It was about Continue reading “Collateral Damage”

Drying Out and Shifting Gears

The weather this morning felt tres appropriť and I rode the old steel Cervelo out to meet the early levee ride. I know, of course, that it won’t last too long since it’s not even October yet, but a few days of Fall-like weather couldn’t have come at a better time. Late last night I went down to the basement to survey the damage from the Six Gap weekend. When I’d arrived around midnight on Sunday, I had just dropped everything on the floor, thrown the wet clothes into the washer, and gone to sle Continue reading “Drying Out and Shifting Gears”

Wet and Wild in Dahlonega

The forecast was not leaving much room for optimism as we headed off for Georgia Saturday morning. Despite the fact that a number of local riders had already decided to skip this year’s Six Gap Century, a few zealots remained. I was driving up with Mignon, while John Maurin and John Chauvin were to meet us up in Dahlonega. The weather on the drive was beautiful, which made Sunday’s forecast all that much harder to believe. We must have checked and re-checked the forecast a dozen times throughout Continue reading “Wet and Wild in Dahlonega”

Woundn’t You Know It

This week seems to have flown by rather quickly for some reason. Almost every evening I’ve spent time fooling with the somewhat messed-up results from last weekend’s Pensacola Cycling Classic. Although most of the Road Race and Time Trial results were solid, it seems like the five officials at the finish line of the Criterium just couldn’t seem to get the lapped rider situation straight. Of course, it can get really confusing, especially with a big Cat. 5 field that tends to get spread all over Continue reading “Woundn’t You Know It”

Last Race, Last Lap Gift

I’d been looking forward to Sunday’s criterium in Pensacola. It looked like the kind of course that I like — fairly technical with turns in both directions and not too long of a drag race from the last turn to the finish. After checking out the standings from Saturday’s racing I figured I didn’t have much to lose, either. I was down around 13th place thanks to my time trial time and would need around eight seconds to move up one more spot. Considering the horsepower in the 34-rider field, I wa Continue reading “Last Race, Last Lap Gift”

Not Working in Pensacola

Friday afternoon I skipped out of work early, loaded up the car and started the drive East to Pensacola for the first, hopefully annual, Pensacola Classic stage race. I was travelling solo this time, battling the unsteady flow of Friday evening traffic. I already knew I’d be hitting Mobile, Alabama right at rush hour. Ordinarily, I prefer to get up at 4 am when I’d have the whole road to myself, but I was hoping to be able t Continue reading “Not Working in Pensacola”