A Ride and a Beer

With yet another spectacular weather weekend on hand, I was looking forward to the northshore training ride. For many, the weekend was not without its complications, though.With Halloween falling on a weekend, plus a Saints game tonight, plus the huge Voodoo Experience in City Park, I’m sure a lot of people had some tough decisions to make.  For me, however, it was just another Sunday morning.  The complications would have to wait. When I unplugged my Blackberry from the charger at 6am, thereby Continue reading “A Ride and a Beer”


It’s that time of year again.  Hot and sticky one day, cold and windy the next.  Today was the next. We had a pretty good cool-down after that front pushed through yesterday, and I was having a little trouble dealing with the sudden change. I pulled on an extra jersey and a pair of arm-warmers and headed out the door. It was a Friday.  It was really windy.  It was dark.  It was twenty degrees colder than the day before.  I figured I’d be alone.  I was, but I r Continue reading “Cool-downs”

Good Timing

The view of damp streets through fogged-up windows made me check the weather radar this morning.  It looked a little sketchy, but most of the heavy stuff seemed to be long gone, so I hit the road around 6 am to see what the morning levee ride had to offer.  There was a pretty stiff wind blowing, but it was still warm and humid despite a rapidly approaching cold front. I wondered out loud where that cool air we’d been promised was.  Up on the levee there was on Continue reading “Good Timing”

Snake Bit

A late night in front of the computer made it hard to crawl out of bed this morning.  I glanced over at the outdoor thermometer and heard myself mumble, “damn!”  The temperature was around 80F and there was already a strong and humid south wind blowing.  I figured it would be a hard ride. I arrived at the levee meeting spot to find the usual group engaged in the recently popular discussion about the impending bike path closure.  No new news there, so we headed out into the darkness. I knew that Continue reading “Snake Bit”

Scent of Rain

Flat Number Two The minute I walked out the door at 6:30 a.m. I smelled it.  The unmistakable scent of rain.  There was a smattering of raindrops on the car, but that was about it, so I chalked it up to a little passing shower and headed off to pick up Zack and then rush over to Puccino’s to meet whoever else was going over the big pond for the weekly northshore training ride. I’d been expecting more of the Herring guys for this weekend, but as it turned out we had only Woody and Jacob on ha Continue reading “Scent of Rain”

City Rides

It was Saturday morning and I still didn’t have the Orbea back together.  I had gotten a “new” old Campi ErgoBrain and so it was finally time to break down and replace all the cables, install the computer, put on some new rubber, and finish it off with some nice fresh handlebar tape.  The brake and derailleur cable replacement went smoothly enough. The ErgoBrain installation, however, was a bit more tedious. As anyone who has done it before can tell you, installing the aptly named ErgoBrain can Continue reading “City Rides”

Just Waiting

Did I mention how dark it is when I leave the house in the morning?  Yeah, I thought I did.  The regular group gathered up on the levee at 6:15 am today, as it has on practically every Saturday for many years now.  Just past the start, in the area where the Corps came and cleared out all of the batture trees, there’s now a huge work barge and an enormous crane.  I’m still not at all sure what they’re about to do there, although I don’t think we’ll have to wait too much longer to find out.  We ro Continue reading “Just Waiting”