Beginning to Feel Like Winter

The morning levee ride have been hit hard by the recent drop in morning temperatures. Yesterday I was running a little late, and when I finally got to the levee bike path I ran across Woody and a couple of other guys going in the other direction. “We going to ride around Audubon Park,” they said. The only rider who had actually shown up at the usual time was Big Richard, so I went with the larger group and turned around. I ended up with a nice hour’s spin. This morning the alarm went off at Continue reading “Beginning to Feel Like Winter”

Weathering Winter

Those barriers seem higher than they look It really feels like winter around here today, and that can mean only one thing. I’ll be complaining regularly about the cold weather despite my incongruous compulsion to ride in it anyway. Just to get things started, let me complain about this very morning.I awoke to a temperature in the upper 30s, with a north wind to match, and thought long and hard about whether it was worth going out on the road for what was probably not going to be much of a r Continue reading “Weathering Winter”

Ninety and Knobbies

The weather around here has been changing faster than I can change clothes lately. This morning I went out perfectly attired to meet the Giro Ride, but Iknew my pockets would soon be stuffed with discarded clothes. My original plan of doing Saturday’s Baton Rouge cyclocross race had been rearranged when I got a request to officiate Sunday’s ‘cross race. I also needed to pick up The Wife from the Westin downtown in the afternoon, so I set my sights on Sundays cyclocross race and figured I’d do Continue reading “Ninety and Knobbies”

Long Tights and Blinky Lights

Heading back downriver into the morning sun The days are growing shorter now and together with our most recent cold front it is beginning to feel a lot like winter.I stepped out the door this morning and looked up to see a beautiful bright crescent moon accompanied by the planet Venus. It took a little while for the 40-degree air to penetrate my somewhat excessive early-winter layering, andas I rode slowly past houses already adorned with holiday lights, I thought to myself, “I’d better star Continue reading “Long Tights and Blinky Lights”

Changes in Latitude

Jingle Cross Rock – Saturday on the Mt. Krumpet My last day in Iowa City, Saturday, included a fun few hours at the Jingle Cross Rock race (as a spectator), and another chilly but nice ride in the countryside north of town. The weather was just a little warmer and there was a bit more sun, and by then I was finally starting to acclimate to the northern latitude anyway. Sunday morning we were up early and ready for the drive back south by 6 am, but couldn’t actually hit the road before scrapin Continue reading “Changes in Latitude”

All Layered Up

I was looking forward to today’s high of 34. After scraping the frost off of the windshield so I could drive down to the local coffee shop, and after suffering through a couple of hours at the shopping mall, I was finally ready to get all layered up in winter cycling gear that hadn’t seen the light of day since last March. I’d been hoping for a nice sunny day, but the best I could do was an overcast grey sky and blustery wind. Fortunately, I was desperate Continue reading “All Layered Up”

Sunny and Sixteem

It’s 16 F right now in IC, but there’s hope. Rather than yesterday’s 20-something high temperature and cloudy skies, today it’s clear and sunny and may get all the way up to 38. That means I might actually get out on the bike for a little while. We’ll see. I spent most of yesterday sitting on the couch eating and watching movies, and haven’t been on the bike since Monday. I’m hoping I’ll also be able to make it out to Continue reading “Sunny and Sixteem”